Black Leather Work Boots

How to Wear Black Leather Work Boots For Men

How to wear: white dress shirt, black and white cardigan, charcoal wool blazer, black field jacket
Dark Brown Wool Hat Navy Sunglasses White Dress Shirt Black and White Polka Dot Tie Black and White Cardigan Charcoal Wool Blazer Black Leather Belt Black Field Jacket Grey Wool Dress Pants Black Leather Work Boots
Black Field Jacket Charcoal Wool Blazer Black and White Cardigan White Dress Shirt Grey Wool Dress Pants Black Leather Work Boots

You're looking at the solid proof that a black field jacket and grey wool dress pants are awesome when paired together in a polished look for today's guy. You could perhaps get a little creative with footwear and complement your getup with a pair of black leather work boots.