Black Waistcoat

How to Wear a Black Waistcoat

How to wear: black waistcoat, dark brown crew-neck sweater, brown plaid blazer, brown quilted gilet
White Dress Shirt Grey Tie Black Waistcoat Brown Plaid Blazer Brown Quilted Gilet Dark Brown Leather Belt Dark Brown Crew-neck Sweater Beige Cargo Pants Brown Leather Briefcase Brown Leather Chelsea Boots
Brown Quilted Gilet Brown Plaid Blazer Dark Brown Crew-neck Sweater Black Waistcoat White Dress Shirt Beige Cargo Pants

This classic and casual pairing of a black waistcoat and beige cargo pants is very easy to put together without a second thought, helping you look amazing and ready for anything without spending a ton of time digging through your closet. When it comes to footwear, this look pairs nicely with brown leather chelsea boots.