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David Beckham Style & Looks

Want to dress like David Beckham? See David Beckham's best outfits and get his signature style.

David Beckham is a style icon just as much as he is a sports legend. Want to copy David Beckham's suave style? Luckily for you, dressing like Becks is not that hard.

You probably already have most of the key elements to replicate Beckham's casual outfits. For his downtime wardrobe, Mr Beckham favors black above other colors and sticks to basic pieces - slim-fit jeans, plain t-shirts and crew necks, denim and plaid shirts, bombers, wool overcoats and trainers. And don't forget Beckham's go-to headwear items - flat caps and beanies.

While David Beckham nails casual looks, his suit game is just as on point. When it comes to tailoring, Beckham prefers classic suit colors and cuts. When recreating David Beckhams formal looks, layer your suit over a white dress shirts and add a tie with a small polka dot or medallion print or a Repp stripe.