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David Gandy Style & Looks

Want to dress like David Gandy? See David Gandy's best outfits and steal his signature style.

British model David Gandy is the epitome of the modern day gentleman style. He's the man every woman wants to be with and the style icon every man wants to dress like. His outfits exude masculinity and English elegance. If you want to dress like the Gandyman, it basically comes down to achieving his 3 signature looks.

David Gandy is a big fan of the mixed three-piece suit. You can play it safe by wearing a two-piece and a waistcoat in a different color, or mix and match all three elements, with the latter requiring much more thought. Whatever you choose, remember to keep all the fabrics the same (cottons with cottons, tweeds with tweed, etc.) and don't go crazy with the color palette.

David Gandy is also famous for his tucked-in t-shirt look. Swap your oxford shirt for a basic crew-neck in white, black or grey and pair it with a suit or smart separates and tuck-it in. Beware, this look is strictly for guys
with abs or at least a flat stomach.

When you're tired of a blazer, swap it for a leather jacket - another staple Gandy's fond of. Team it a crisp white shirt and tailored trousers for the David Gandy level of dapperness.

Bonus tip: A true gentleman knows the worth of accessories. If you want to achieve that David Gandy look down to a tee, consider elegant wristwear or Gandy's go-to headwear - a traditional British flat cap or a felt trilby.