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Harry Styles Style & Looks

Want to dress like Harry Styles? Take at look at Harry Styles's best outfits and get his trademark style.

Harry Styles, the 22-year-old One Direction star, is not one to shy away from fashion risks. Time and time again, Harry proved his penchant for style experiments. From statement suits to metallic cowboy boots to suede trench coats, Harry Styles manages to pull off the most fashion-forward looks with aplomb.

The One Directioner has a very distinctive style and a unique ability to mix current trends with old school vibes. He pulls off ripped skinnies and a Keith Richards-style bandana for a rock star look as effortlessly as a Gucci floral suit.

Want to get Harry Style's dapper meets rocker meets high-end fashion style? Stock up on printed designer suits, black long sleeve shirts (ideally silk or satin), flannels, black skinny jeans, Chelsea boots and, if you have a head of long hair as gorgeous as Harry's, bandanas. Bonus tip: For a quick Harry Style's look, wear a short sleeve shirt, roll up the sleeves once or twice, unbutton at least 3 buttons and you've got yourself Hazza's signature Laidback Cool look.