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Idris Elba Style & Looks

Want to dress like Idris Elba? Check out Idris Elba's best outfits and steal his trademark style.

Few male celebrities can compare to Idris Elba in suaveness. Not only is he talented, the 43-year-old British actor is also one of the best-dressed men in the game. The A-list star manages to look fresh without falling victim to fashion.

Idris Elba has clearly mastered the art of downtime dressing. The key to his casual style success is that Elba understands his shape and size and knows what styles suit and flatter his physique. For instance, the actor opts for t-shirts that provide the best fit for his muscular build - snug on the biceps and loose in the chest area.

Another secret to Idris Elba's fantastic off-duty style is that he doesn't shy away from color. From mustard to purple, Idris Elba knows how to add flair to casual outfits while also keeping them sleek and not too trendy.

At formal events, Elba keeps it clean and classic often opting for a two-piece or a three-piece in grey or black. And you really can't go wrong with a black suit, a crisp white shirt and a black bow-tie.

But perhaps the most important style lesson to take from Idris Elba is to always stay true to yourself. Elba plays by his own rules and wears whatever the hell he wants - with attitude and confidence.