Ryan Gosling Style & Looks

Want to dress like Ryan Gosling? See Ryan Gosling's best outfits and get his trademark style.

Ryan Gosling is one of the style icons of our generation. He's charming as hell and looks great both in casual and formal wear. Here are a few tips to help you channel Mr. Gosling and, with any luck, look just as suave.

First, Ryan Gosling knows how to wear the hell out of a suit. When it comes to tailoring, he doesn't limit his suit choices to the old, boring navy and grey. Do as Gosling does and inject some color into your formal wardrobe by opting for a suit in rich burgundy or dark green. But most importantly, make sure your suit is well tailored and fits to your true size.

When it comes to his off-duty wardrobe, Ryan Gosling favors some items above others - leather jackets, bomber jackets, plain black or white or striped t-shirts, henley shirts and slim jeans. Take inspiration from Mr. Gosling and keep your casual outfits simple and minimal.

Ryan Gosling has also mastered the retro-meets-hipster look. The key is to take one or two retro or hipster elements (e.g., a bowling shirt or prescription glasses) and balance them with more refined pieces.

Finally, Ryan Gosling loves folded up sleeves. So take a page from Gosling's style book and roll up your sleeves for that effortlessly elegant and masculine look.