Men's Looks & Outfits: What To Wear In Fall

How to wear: red socks, brown leather casual boots, navy jeans, black polo neck sweater
Black Polo Neck Sweater Navy Jeans Red Socks Brown Leather Casual Boots
Black Polo Neck Sweater Navy Jeans Brown Leather Casual Boots Red Socks

You'll be amazed at how easy it is for any man to throw together this casually classic outfit. Just a black polo neck sweater and navy jeans. Our favorite of a myriad of ways to finish this getup is brown leather casual boots. If it's one of those dull autumn days, what better to brighten things up than a stylish outfit like this one?

How to wear: black leather chelsea boots, black dress shirt, violet suit
Black Dress Shirt Violet Suit Black Leather Chelsea Boots
Violet Suit Black Dress Shirt Black Leather Chelsea Boots

You'll be amazed at how super easy it is to get dressed this way. Just a violet suit teamed with a black dress shirt. For something more on the daring side to complement this outfit, complete your look with black leather chelsea boots. This one is a viable choice if you're hunting for a knockout ensemble that transitions easily into fall.

How to wear: black athletic shoes, blue jeans, navy turtleneck, black pea coat
Navy Turtleneck Black Pea Coat Blue Jeans Black Athletic Shoes Black Sunglasses
Black Pea Coat Navy Turtleneck Blue Jeans Black Athletic Shoes Black Sunglasses

The go-to for casually classic menswear style? A black pea coat with blue jeans. And if you wish to instantly dial down your ensemble with a pair of shoes, complement this ensemble with a pair of black athletic shoes. Can you see how super easy it is to look seriously stylish and stay snug come cooler weather, thanks to this ensemble?

How to wear: blue socks, black leather oxford shoes, black crew-neck sweater, dark green suit
Black Crew-neck Sweater Dark Green Suit Blue Socks Black Leather Oxford Shoes
Dark Green Suit Black Crew-neck Sweater Black Leather Oxford Shoes Blue Socks

For sharp style with a fashionable spin, you can go for a dark green suit and a black crew-neck sweater. Round off your outfit with black leather oxford shoes to serve a little outfit-mixing magic. When you have one of those gloomy autumn days, sometimes only a neat ensemble like this one can get you to face the outside world.

How to wear: black leather loafers, navy turtleneck, navy suit
Navy Turtleneck Navy Suit Black Leather Loafers
Navy Suit Navy Turtleneck Black Leather Loafers

A navy suit and a navy turtleneck are absolute staples if you're piecing together a sharp closet that matches up to the highest sartorial standards. When it comes to shoes, this ensemble is rounded off nicely with black leather loafers. It's is an exciting choice when it comes to a stylish summer-to-fall transition ensemble.