Navy Wool Blazer

How to Wear a Navy Wool Blazer For Men

How to wear: white dress shirt, tan wool waistcoat, navy wool blazer, olive barn jacket
White Dress Shirt Dark Brown Print Tie Tan Wool Waistcoat Navy Wool Blazer Olive Barn Jacket Tobacco Corduroy Chinos Olive Canvas Messenger Bag Tobacco Leather Derby Shoes
Olive Barn Jacket Navy Wool Blazer Tan Wool Waistcoat White Dress Shirt Tobacco Corduroy Chinos Tobacco Leather Derby Shoes

This combo of a navy wool blazer and tobacco corduroy chinos is very easy to make up in next to no time, helping you look sharp and ready for anything without spending too much time digging through your wardrobe. You could perhaps get a little creative in the shoe department and dress up your outfit with tobacco leather derby shoes.