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Olivia Palermo

Navy denim shirt black leggings blue pumps large 899

Gigi Hadid

Pink fur coat white bodycon dress white leather heeled sandals large 6849

Kendall Jenner

Aquamarine blazer aquamarine skinny pants silver leather pumps large 2749

Selena Gomez

White and black cropped top tobacco jeans black loafers large 1081

Jessica Alba

Black crew neck sweater grey mini skirt white pearl necklace large 1172

Taylor Swift

Navy turtleneck burgundy skinny jeans brown ankle boots large 1071

Miranda Kerr

Black button down blouse navy skinny jeans brown tassel loafers large 999

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Light blue evening dress white embellished clutch large 1402

Alexa Chung

Navy velvet party dress black quilted leather crossbody bag large 2539

Miroslava Duma

Black and white houndstooth coat black embellished crossbody bag black tights large 1385

Kim Kardashian

Hot pink blazer white silk dress shirt orange jeans large 967

Sharon Stone

Brown crew neck sweater black tapered pants black ankle boots large 23849


Black evening dress large 1364

Jennifer Lopez

Tank tapered pants pumps large 10717

Lauren Hutton

Navy blazer white and navy crew neck sweater white dress shirt large 13379

Reese Witherspoon

Blazer tank skinny jeans large 1818

Bella Hadid

Biker jacket cropped top skinny pants large 22630

Lisa Kudrow

Black blazer black long sleeve blouse black skinny pants large 23891

Blake Lively

Long sleeve blouse skinny pants heeled sandals large 5275

Ashley Madekwe

White and black cropped top white and black capri pants black heeled sandals large 2382

Eva Longoria

Red evening dress silver clutch silver bracelet large 22913

Sarah Jessica Parker

Tunic sweatpants ankle boots large 4993

Kristen Stewart

White sequin jumpsuit beige leather pumps silver bracelet large 6138

Kylie Jenner

Grey cropped top white pencil skirt silver heeled sandals large 1091

Hailey Baldwin

Black hoodie black leggings white and black low top sneakers large 24036

Cara Delevingne

Black print crew neck t shirt white skinny jeans large 1139

Sandra Bullock

Navy silk evening dress large 1388

Karlie Kloss

Biker jacket turtleneck skinny jeans large 6408

Alessandra Ambrosio

Cropped sweater shorts crossbody bag large 1582

Emma Stone

Pink cropped top hot pink maxi skirt silver heeled sandals large 2269

Jennifer Lawrence

Black cropped sweater tan leopard leggings large 1179

Victoria Beckham

Cardigan dress pumps large 1032


White blazer black sheath dress beige heeled sandals large 13920

Lupita Nyong'o

Black silk blazer white silk short sleeve blouse black floral shorts large 1263

Cindy Crawford

Blazer v neck t shirt jeans large 23874

Lauren Conrad

Orange tank beige shorts beige heeled sandals large 1499

Hilary Duff

Burgundy puffer jacket black skinny jeans black ankle boots large 1187

Emma Watson

Charcoal sleeveless top black maxi skirt silver leather clutch large 1390

Emmy Rossum

White and black long sleeve t shirt black mini skirt red ballerina shoes large 1443

Nicole Beharie

Red leopard sheath dress black suede ankle boots large 27513

Kate Middleton

Grey sheath dress beige leather pumps beige embellished clutch large 10222

Carine Roitfeld

Biker jacket button down blouse pencil skirt large 12327

Helen Mirren

Blazer sleeveless top wide leg pants large 13300

Jamie Chung

Sweatshirt pencil skirt crossbody bag large 6332

Kate Hudson

White silk evening dress white clutch large 1389

Katie Holmes

Trenchcoat jeans ankle boots large 1459

Salma Hayek

Black sequin evening dress light blue earrings large 22905

Jessica Lange

Burgundy sheath dress tan leather pumps large 23905

Zoe Saldana

Coat crew neck t shirt skinny pants large 4257


Olive evening dress olive satin pumps large 24363

Suki Waterhouse

Beige blazer beige dress pants white low top sneakers large 5116

Irina Shayk

Cardigan long sleeve t shirt skinny pants large 5827

Julianne Moore

Silver evening dress silver leather clutch large 7559

Dakota Johnson

Silver sequin evening dress silver leather heeled sandals silver clutch large 7565

Linda Fargo

Pea coat wide leg pants ankle boots large 13294

Monica Bellucci

Black button down blouse black pencil skirt black knee high boots large 13810


Camel coat white dress shirt light blue boyfriend jeans large 9434

Jenna Lyons

Beige poncho white dress shirt white jeans large 13521

Scarlett Johansson

Beige short sleeve blouse dark green mini skirt navy velvet belt large 1098

Allison Williams

Orange coat white short sleeve blouse white dress pants large 959

Emilia Clarke

White coat navy skinny jeans brown ankle boots large 920

Emma Roberts

Blue crew neck sweater red floral shorts black and white polka dot headband large 388

Amy Adams

Navy evening dress large 1383

Freida Pinto

Black ruffle lace sheath dress burgundy suede pumps large 22626

Kim Cattrall

Biker jacket v neck t shirt tapered pants large 23888

Glenda Bailey

Brown coat brown leather crossbody bag brown fur scarf large 24320

Kate Moss

Fur jacket long sleeve blouse leggings large 5111

Lily Aldridge

Black crew neck sweater light blue boyfriend jeans black low top sneakers large 5115

Shay Mitchell

Black biker jacket grey sweatpants black pumps large 5547

Solange Knowles

Green embellished evening dress hot pink studded leather pumps large 5489

Bella Thorne

Blue cutout skater dress tan leather heeled sandals large 6132

Jennifer Aniston

Biker jacket skinny jeans knee high boots large 6261

Letitia Wright

Black leather biker jacket red and navy vertical striped crew neck sweater black satin dress pants large 29939

Diane Keaton

Shawl cardigan turtleneck dress pants large 33205

Nicki Minaj

Gold beaded evening dress gold bracelet gold ring large 13924

Ashley Greene

White and black dress shirt navy skinny jeans black chelsea boots large 1001

Jessica Hart

Dark green long sleeve t shirt brown mini skirt white low top sneakers large 998

Ann Hathaway

Black embellished evening dress black clutch large 1378

Angelina Jolie

Beige sequin evening dress large 1386

Irina Kulikova

Grey coat white crew neck t shirt grey skinny pants large 1216

Kate Mara

Black eyelet shift dress black leather heeled sandals black leather clutch large 22680

Doutzen Kroes

Blazer dress shirt skinny jeans large 22657

Olivia Munn

Yellow evening dress large 2268

Minnie Driver

Black tunic black tapered pants black suede pumps large 23929

Judi Dench

Coat chinos chelsea boots large 24499

Gwen Stefani

Vest boyfriend jeans pumps large 5271

Keira Knightly

Purple lace evening dress large 7997

Gwendoline Christie

Red satin evening dress yellow earrings violet ring large 8014

Sarah Hyland

Black embellished chiffon evening dress large 8013

Candice Swanepoel

Cropped top skinny pants heeled sandals large 10198

Ariana Grande

Bustier top shorts over the knee boots large 13922

Iggy Azalea

Vest swimsuit shorts large 14282

Rita Ora

Crew neck t shirt skinny jeans low top sneakers large 8490

Phoebe Tonkin

Navy velvet crew neck t shirt black skinny jeans black leather pumps large 1030

Coco Rocha

Black and white party dress black suede pumps silver necklace large 1267

Julia Roberts

Black lace evening dress large 1382

Sienna Miller

Red chiffon evening dress red silk heeled sandals large 1398

Shailene Woodley

Blue denim jacket teal long sleeve blouse navy skinny jeans large 22528

Diane Kruger

Black lace evening dress black leather pumps black embellished clutch large 1401


Burgundy bodycon dress gold leather heeled sandals gold clutch large 22708

Willow Shields

White embellished crew neck sweater gold pencil skirt silver heeled sandals large 1500

Rachel McAdams

Pink evening dress silver heeled sandals silver bracelet large 22706

Uma Thurman

Dark brown shearling coat white maxi dress beige elastic heeled sandals large 22786

Jessica Chastain

Green bodycon dress red suede pumps large 1596

Uzo Aduba

Red slit evening dress black suede heeled sandals black and gold clutch large 22637

Karolina Kurkova

Blazer crew neck sweater capri pants large 2346

Melanie Griffith

Biker jacket jeans ankle boots large 23923

Sharon Osbourne

Black leather biker jacket white and black silk dress shirt black dress pants large 23956

Olivia Wilde

Long sleeve t shirt pencil skirt pumps large 4361

Natalie Portman

Beige coat black tank dress black heeled sandals large 5113

Jennifer Connelly

Blue blazer grey crew neck sweater charcoal jeans large 5114

Heidi Klum

Biker jacket crew neck t shirt skinny jeans large 5239

Selenis Leyva

Biker jacket dress shirt pencil skirt large 26499


Blazer cropped top wide leg pants large 7563

Lucy Hale

White sweatshirt blue tunic blue jeans large 27420

Jada Pinkett Smith

Military jacket crew neck t shirt jeans large 27412

Emily Blunt

White evening dress light blue bracelet light blue earrings large 7569

Sofia Vergara

Red evening dress large 7998

Amanda Peet

Light violet evening dress black embellished clutch large 7996

Nina Dobrev

Red print off shoulder dress white low top sneakers black leather crossbody bag large 30384

Claire Danes

Dark green evening dress large 8020

Sophie Turner

Black evening dress red and black heeled sandals black clutch large 8017

Ariel Winter

White evening dress orange earrings large 8016

Rashida Jones

White and black print evening dress large 8021

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

Red evening dress silver clutch large 8022

Queen Letizia of Spain

Purple tweed jacket white sleeveless top purple pencil skirt large 32817

Chloe Moretz

Navy chiffon evening dress black satin pumps black velvet choker large 8695

Lily James

Pink pleated satin evening dress silver embellished sequin pumps large 8701

Elle Fanning

Light blue embroidered evening dress silver embellished necklace large 8697


Black print oversized sweater black leggings red leather high top sneakers large 10199

Kate Upton

Black sheath dress burgundy leather pumps black leather clutch large 10677

Olga Kurylenko

White long sleeve blouse black tapered pants black suede pumps large 12330

Meryl Streep

Trenchcoat dress pants ankle boots large 13299

Charlotte Rampling

Dark green bomber jacket white dress shirt black dress pants large 13311

Kerry Washington

White and black polka dot sheath dress white and black leather pumps white and red leather crossbody bag large 9680

Brie Larson

Gold beaded evening dress gold earrings large 15631

Emily Ratajkowski

White sweater dress black suede over the knee boots large 15520

Nikki Reed

Button down blouse skinny jeans heeled sandals large 13055

Emmanuelle Alt

White dress shirt navy boyfriend jeans black suede pumps large 19172

Amber Heard

Black turtleneck tan leopard skinny pants black leather pumps large 1102

Katy B

Light blue bomber jacket navy jumpsuit yellow heeled sandals large 1265

Poppy Delevingne

Blue coat white and navy dress shirt navy skinny pants large 1266

Cheryl Cole

Bomber jacket turtleneck mini skirt large 1319

Naomi Watts

Silver sequin evening dress large 1365

Cate Blanchett

Beige embellished evening dress large 1379

Zooey Deschanel

White print evening dress hot pink leather crossbody bag large 1395

Meghan Trainor

Black and gold vertical striped sheath dress gold leather pumps gold sequin clutch large 22718

Jennifer Garner

Black coat navy jeans black ankle boots large 1442

Michelle Williams

Navy satin shift dress black leather lace up ankle boots black embellished clutch large 22679

Margot Robbie

Red coat grey wool dress black floral pumps large 1456

Dakota Fanning

Black shift dress silver clutch aquamarine necklace large 22776

Kate Winslet

Fit and flare dress pumps clutch large 22712

Rose Byrne

Silver evening dress silver pumps silver clutch large 22678

Kate Beckinsale

Grey tank white sweatpants white pumps large 1502

Lily Collins

Gold slit sequin evening dress gold leather heeled sandals large 22705

Britanny Snow

Red silk shift dress red suede heeled sandals gold clutch large 22685

Lily Allen

Pink cropped sweater black pajama pants hot pink pumps large 1635

Elizabeth Hurley

Black embellished sheath dress black suede pumps purple leather clutch large 22781

Alicia Vikander

Red skater dress beige elastic heeled sandals silver ring large 22723

Elizabeth Banks

Coat jeans ankle boots large 22672

Olivia Culpo

Navy jumpsuit silver leather pumps silver satin clutch large 22649

Maria Sharapova

Black jumpsuit tan suede pumps black leather waist belt large 22645

Leslie Mann

Black and white polka dot maxi dress orange leather heeled sandals large 1972

Melissa McCarthy

Pink tunic black skinny pants black pumps large 22720

Jennifer Saunders

Shawl cardigan v neck t shirt chinos large 22787

Camilla Belle

Gold beaded sheath dress black leather heeled sandals gold sequin clutch large 22877

Jourdan Dunn

Black lace evening dress black satin clutch light blue earrings large 22914

Anna Kendrick

Cardigan v neck t shirt skinny jeans large 1820

Emily VanCamp

Black and white bomber jacket black cropped top white shorts large 2063

Viola Davis

Burgundy evening dress olive heeled sandals gold clutch large 22908

Charlize Theron

Black blazer white and black vertical striped evening dress white satin clutch large 2265

Julianne Hough

White sequin evening dress gold clutch large 22904

Rachel Bilson

Black puffer coat dark purple sheath dress black ankle boots large 22951

Diane von Furstenberg

Blue blazer black sheath dress black heeled sandals large 22647

Kathy Bates

Black coat black short sleeve blouse black dress pants large 22621

Leora Kadisha

White short sleeve blouse charcoal dress pants black and white tote bag large 2608

Deena Varshavskaya

Black blazer white polka dot tunic black and white print leggings large 2364

Elena Silenok

Purple silk party dress silver leather pumps large 2362

Jess Lee

Grey pea coat black skinny pants large 2361

Olivia Newton-John

Puffer coat long sleeve t shirt skinny pants large 23927

Ruby Rose

Red suit black leather pumps large 24366

Kim Basinger

Black suit white silk long sleeve blouse black leather ankle boots large 23848

Michelle Pfeiffer

Black midi dress black pumps gold clutch large 23884

Chanel Iman

Dark purple evening dress black leather heeled sandals black leather clutch large 5106

Josephine Skriver

Black blazer black sheath dress black pumps large 5105

Marion Cotillard

Light blue coat white short sleeve sweater black bermuda shorts large 25732

Evan Rachel Wood

Blazer crew neck sweater dress shirt large 5110

Troian Bellisario

Pink skater dress red suede pumps gold clutch large 2904

Milla Jovovich

Blazer crew neck t shirt skinny pants large 6137

Michelle Rodriguez

Red sheath dress black satin pumps large 26501

Isla Fisher

Beige embellished evening dress black leather clutch large 7562


Teal silk evening dress grey suede heeled sandals silver clutch large 27387

Gwyneth Paltrow

Black double breasted blazer white dress shirt black skinny pants large 27207

Sophie Hunter

Navy floral evening dress large 7570

Amal Clooney

Black evening dress white leather clutch white long gloves large 7571

Amy Poehler

Blue evening dress white floral bracelet white ring large 7574

Lea Michele

Red evening dress gold heeled sandals gold clutch large 7575

Hailee Steinfeld

Blue paisley maxi dress black suede heeled sandals large 7580

Alyssa Sutherland

Red sheath dress tan leather pumps tan leather clutch large 8001

Julianna Margulies

Blue evening dress black suede heeled sandals silver necklace large 7999

Oprah Winfrey

Sheath dress heeled sandals clutch large 30148

Felicity Jones

Pink evening dress large 8019

Kaia Gerber

Black bomber jacket white cropped top black skinny jeans large 31140

Andrea Riseborough

Mint evening dress white embellished clutch large 8027

Natalie Dormer

White floral evening dress large 8026

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Black lace evening dress large 8025

Gretchen Mol

Grey embroidered evening dress gold clutch large 8015

Amy Ryan

Hot pink evening dress white leather pumps silver embellished clutch large 8023

Jordana Brewster

Gold bomber jacket white tank black tapered pants large 32398

Gemma Arterton

Black leather bodycon dress black leather pumps black clutch large 32270

Ginnifer Goodwin

Short sleeve button down shirt full skirt loafers large 11862

Anna Wintour

Fur collar coat long sleeve blouse midi skirt large 13297

Linda V Wright

Poncho boyfriend jeans loafers large 13290

Maisie Williams

Pink midi dress white fur heeled sandals large 13688

Aubrey Plaza

Black slit evening dress black leather pumps large 13692

Sarah Paulson

Navy sequin evening dress black satin clutch large 13693

Lena Heady

Burgundy beaded evening dress large 13695

Tatiana Maslany

White blazer white tapered pants black heeled sandals large 13698

Jane Lynch

White and black blazer black dress pants black pumps large 13699

January Jones

Green jumpsuit large 13700

Eva Green

Beige embellished evening dress large 15628

Caitriona Balfe

Dark brown jumpsuit black suede pumps large 15544

FKA Twigs

Black coat black shift dress black pumps large 18039

Megan Fox

Grey short sleeve sweater black shorts brown lace up ankle boots large 18618

Kat Graham

Orange silk sheath dress gold leather heeled sandals gold clutch large 15527

Susan Sarandon

Blue blazer white dress shirt blue dress pants large 13342

Linda Rodin

Olive parka white skinny jeans beige ankle boots large 8972