Silver Jumpsuit

How to Wear a Silver Jumpsuit

How to wear: black vertical striped blazer, grey jumpsuit, black leather slip-on sneakers
Grey Jumpsuit Black Vertical Striped Blazer Black Leather Slip-on Sneakers
Black Vertical Striped Blazer Grey Jumpsuit Black Leather Slip-on Sneakers

If you're on the hunt for a casual yet totally stylish outfit, reach for a black vertical striped blazer and a silver jumpsuit. Both pieces are totally comfy and will look fabulous paired together. Grab a pair of black leather slip-on sneakers to make the look more current.

How to wear: black blazer, grey sequin playsuit, black suede ankle boots, gold pendant
Gold Pendant Grey Sequin Playsuit Black Blazer Black Suede Ankle Boots
Black Blazer Grey Sequin Playsuit Black Suede Ankle Boots Gold Pendant

If you're on the lookout for a casual yet chic look, choose a black blazer and a silver jumpsuit. Both garments are totally comfy and will look fabulous together. Amp up the cool of your outfit by finishing off with black suede ankle boots.

How to wear: blue denim jacket, charcoal jumpsuit, tan leather bucket bag, dark brown leopard sunglasses
Dark Brown Leopard Sunglasses Blue Denim Jacket Charcoal Jumpsuit Burgundy Leather Watch Tan Leather Bucket Bag
Blue Denim Jacket Charcoal Jumpsuit Tan Leather Bucket Bag Dark Brown Leopard Sunglasses Burgundy Leather Watch

If you're a fan of relaxed dressing when it comes to your personal style, you'll love this cute pairing of a blue denim jacket and a silver jumpsuit.

How to wear: olive vest, charcoal geometric playsuit, grey leather flat sandals, burgundy leather satchel bag
Charcoal Geometric Playsuit Olive Vest Grey Print Scarf Burgundy Leather Satchel Bag Grey Leather Flat Sandals
Olive Vest Charcoal Geometric Playsuit Grey Leather Flat Sandals Burgundy Leather Satchel Bag Grey Print Scarf

If you're all about being comfortable when it comes to fashion, this combination of an olive vest and a silver jumpsuit is totally for you. Choose a pair of grey leather flat sandals for a more relaxed aesthetic.